Best Developer Opportunity!: Not Concession Beachfront Land ! This is Costa Rican Titled Property at Reasonable values!

Location in Costa Rica

Jaco Costa Rica Real Estate: a great investment value

Jaco Beach (and Playa Hermosa) is one of the best areas to invest in Costa Rica right now, for three major reasons:

Recent large scale real estate development near Jaco beach and Playa Hermosa has made investors more aware of the area.

Jaco beach maintains its traditional position as one of the most popular tourism and surfing destinations in Costa Rica, therefore offering an incredible variety of restaurants, services and nightlife to Jaco beach and Playa Hermosa residents.

A new highway under construction from San Jose, Costa Rica to Jaco beach and Playa Hermosa will reduce the driving time to less than 1 hour.

These factors work together to insure that your investment will appreciate rapidly in the short term and steadily in the years to come.

Costa Rica Jaco beach house: Costa Rica Hermosa

Our community is an ideal location for your beach house. It is near Jaco Beach, so you will enjoy all of the services available there. Now is the time to buy, because Playa Hermosa real estate has not appreciated as rapidly as Jaco property, but is sure to follow soon because of its proximity to Jaco Beach and the development there. The new highway will make Playa Hermosa and Hermosa Paradise less than 1 hour from San Jose, which means that you can be practically 30 minutes from the International Airport.

At the same time, Costa Rica Hermosa is a private community on a more secluded beach than Jaco, on Playa Hermosa. So your beach house is in a more natural and pristine environment, even though you have easy access to all the amenities offered in Jaco Beach.

Costa Rica Hermosa is located just minutes away from Jaco. It is away from the crowds, but within 2 miles of all the necessary infrastructure needen for your security and enjoyment.

Costa Rica Hermosa is located on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, with the one of the best and consistend waves for surfing in the world.