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San Jose to Jaco-Hermosa

  Approximate driving time: 1 ½ hours
  • Head west on Highway 1 out of San Jose for approximately 20 minutes until you see a right hand turn with signs pointing you in the directions and the towns of Atenas-Orotina-Jaco. (Highway 1 is the major highway that sits in front of the International Airport Juan Santamaria).
  • This right hand turn can sneak up on you and if you are not paying attention you will drive right by it. Be on the look out for the big highway signs.
  • After this right hand turn there is a stop sign. Here you will make a left hand turn onto Route 3. Continue on this main road until it dead ends and you will take a right, more than 30 minutes down the road. You will soon reach the small mountain town of Atenas. After reaching the town of Atenas, the road will follow a dangerous mountain pass. Drive with caution! After coming out of the mountain pass, you will reach the small town of San Mateo where you will take a right and then a quick left before the park.
  • Just up the road you will reach Orotina. Orotina about 30 minutes from and Jaco-Hermosa. If you are hungry, there is a rotisserie chicken restaurant on the right hand side (the 2 nd chicken place that you will see is the best!)
  • After passing through the small town of Orotina, be on the lookout for signs pointing you to Jaco and Quepos. There is a right hand turn just outside of Orotina and about 10 minutes later you will come to another right hand turn that is a loop around (there will be signs to Quepos-Jaco). Take this right turn onto Route 34 and continue on this road until you reach the town of Jaco.
  • To continue on to Playa Hermosa, continue heading south for about 5 minutes and you will arrive at Hermosa Beach. Once you arrive in Hermosa, you will take a right hand turn just past the Backyard Hotel on the right hand side and follow this road until you reach paradise!

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Restaurant Recommentadions

  In Hermosa:
  • Jungle Surf Café: Located in Playa Hermosa, right on the corner by the soccer field. Really good food at a great price. Always nightly specials.
  In Jaco:
  • Wishbone: Located in the center of Jaco beach side, the Wishbone restaurant serves anything from wood oven pizzas to burritos. Well priced.
  • The Lighthouse: at the entrance to Jaco on the highway, offering a wide variety of international and local dishes at a reasonable price. As of this publication, open 24 hours.
  • La Bruja: Also located in the center of town beachside. Specializing in meats.
  • Pizzeria Terraza: Located in the center of town, not beachside. Great pizzas!
  • Terraza de Hicacao: located on the beach in Jaco behind the Disco Central, offering great seafood in a beautiful, beachfront atmosphere.
  • Esquina de Pollo: Rotisserie chicken, onion rings, french fries. I think that explains it all.
  • POPS: ice cream parlor located in the heart of Jaco.
  • Recreo: Seafood restaurant in Jaco. Fresh fish, shelled fish, lobster, etc.
  Local activities:
  • Villas Caletas: If you want to go to a place where the sunsets are unbelievable, you will definitely want to visit Villas Caletas which is located 20 minutes north of Jaco.
  • For surfboard rentals, check out Walter's Surfboards or Chucks' Chosita de Surf.
  • Discos & Local Hangouts - Disco Central (lots of dancing and locals), Pancho Villa (late night), La Hacienda (more laid back hang out; surf videos, good music).
  • In Hermosa, you will want to visit the Backyard Bar.
  • Also available upon request by speaking to
  • Jungle Canopy tour
  • Tortuga Island Catamaran Cruise
  • Horseback riding
  • Surf lessons
  • Deep sea fishing